Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: Ada: Legend of a Healer, by R. A. McDonald

I really enjoyed Ada: Legend of a Healer. Ada was so easy to love and care about. I really wanted her to end up happy and free.

Ada is an orphan, and hasn’t had much success at her foster homes. So, as a last ditch measure, her aunt Jessie agrees to take Ada. Aunt Jessie doesn’t have a home—she travels around for her job, so Ada must adjust to this new lifestyle. But there’s more to it than just travelling. Ada discovers that Jessie has the power to heal. Ada has always been able to tell when people were ill, and what their illness was, but she never considered trying to focus on healing them. When she attempts to heal an injury, with the encouragement of Jessie, she finds out she can do it!

Unfortunately, others know of Jessie’s abilities and want to use her as a lab experiment. So she is always on the run. Ada’s mother could also heal people, but she disappeared many years ago, and no one seems to know what happened. So Ada decides to find out what happened to her mother.

Ada ends up in Paris, and we meet some other very colorful characters. She ends up staying at Madam Jardin’s, who she met on the airplane. She knows she needs to be able to move quickly in case she is found. When she sees some kids doing Parkour, she follows them until Daniel, their leader, agrees to teach her. If you don’t know what Parkour is, look at this video. (I’m fascinated by this.) Ada is very good, and learns fast, but of course, she can heal herself as she makes mistakes!

McDonald’s included a moral message in this book too, and I really appreciated Ada’s maturity of thought:

“Sickness is here for a reason, no matter how bad it sucks. I won’t help you change the world into standing room only...How about this, professor. You come up with a shot that actually makes people give a shit about something besides themselves and we’ll talk tests, until then sickness and death are the only things that halfway keep people in line.” p. 101

There’s much build up of tension at the end and also a build up of some romance. The story is exciting, the healing is believable. I cared about all the characters and really enjoyed the heck out of this story. Great book for paranormal lovers both young and old.

Published by House of Lore, 2011
Copy received from the publisher for review
250 pages

Rating: 3.5/5

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