Sunday, August 7, 2011

IMM - A Whole BOX of books!

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I review for Library Media Connection Magazine, so this week I received a box of books from them for review. This is always very exciting; usually I haven't heard of the books, but in some cases I've read the author before. So, here's what I received in the "box:"

Body of Water, by Sarah Dooley

Captured,by Maggie L. Wood
The Darkening, by Maggie L. Wood

Desert Angel, by Charlie Price

 Shifting, by Bethany Wiggins

Story about this one. I received the ARC, which has the cover on the left. This week on someone's WOW post, I saw the cover on the right, and commented that it looked like a good book, but I hated snakes so much that I didn't know if I could hold on to the book to read it. Now I can, because I got the book with a different cover! (Although I must admit the cover on the right is awesome.)

The publishing company always sends books as gifts for reviewing, and this time I received What Comes After, which I reviewed for a blog tour, but didn't own the book, so I was very happy to get this too!

For Review from the Author:

Darwin's Children, by Natasha Larry

Downloaded for FREE for my Kindle:
 Waterfall, by Lisa T. Bergren

I had an exciting week -- but I'm going to be very busy! And, I need to squeeze every minute of fun out of this one, because school starts the next one. (But I love my job, so I'm not too disappointed....) Hope you had a good  week too. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you got. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great IMM! The covers of Shifting are amazing!

    Happy Reading!
    In My Mailbox

  2. Great haul! I can't believe how different the covers for Shifting are. It makes me wonder what exactly the story is about since one has a cheetah (or some kind of big cat) and the other a snake. Both completely different, but both interesting. Hope you enjoy!

    See what's IMM

  3. Wow, those Divided Realms covers are gorgeous. I've never even heard of that series. Let us know what you thin of them!


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