Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review: Hallowed, by Cynthia Hand

Fans of Unearthly definitely won't want to miss the sequel, Hallowed.

We join Clara, Christian, Tucker, and the rest of the characters a couple of weeks after the end of Unearthly. They are still trying to make sense of what happened at (the end.) I'm making this spoiler-free, so I won't talk about what happened.

Clara is confused about her purpose, and feels like a failure. She's madly in love with Tucker, but feels compelled to be with Christian. The love triangle takes center stage here, and both males are such wonderful characters, that it is impossible for me to choose which one Clara should end up with. Someone is going to get their heart broken.

The angels find out more about their history and their fates, and with this knowledge comes much sadness. I'm not a "crier" but this one had me in tears. There is also much confusion about what the visions mean, what a dark angel is, and we learn some key facts about the ancestry of our main characters.

I continued to fall in love with all the characters -- they are each unique and well defined. Angela, Jeffrey, Wendy, and a new character, Billy, are essential to the story, and their contributions are memorable, making me feel for each one of them. I'm interested to discover Billy's role in the next book.

After the sad ending, it feels like the next book might be a new beginning, but I'm sure there will be additional challenges for all of the angels, as there have been in the first two installments. The danger has only increased, and since not much of this aspect got resolved in this story, there's much more to come. I can't wait.

Published by HarperTeen, January 17, 2012
eBook obtained from NetGalley for review
416 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Hi Annette, I know exactly what you mean about "acquiring more than I'm reading" - that's precisely my struggle. But I have given up on giving up buying books. They speak to us and when they do, we listen, and open their pages - and they're ours. :)

    You have a number of books for review, so yummy! I'm particularly interested with Princess of the Wild Swans, Fateful, and the Probability of Miracles - which I've been seeing around in a few other mailboxes.

    Hope you enjoy your great new reads.
    Here's mine:

    BTW: in the event that you're still keen on joining reading challenges, you might want to check out ours as well. :)

  2. I loved the other characters development as well... it added more to the story. Nice review :)


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