Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review: Racing the Devil, by Jaden Terrell

Racing the Devil offers everything desirable in a who-done-it mystery.

Jared McKean is an ex-cop-turned-PI who picks up a girl in a bar and wakes up accused of murdering a woman he's never met. As you can see, it doesn't take long for this book to grab you. Jared's prints, hair, and semen have been found in the murder victim's hotel room, along with a message on her cell phone. There are numerous entries in her calendar referring to Jared, making it seem like they've been having a relationship for several months.

After getting thrown in jail and beaten up, Jared finally is released on bail and can begin to clear his name. It's difficult when even your ex-partner doesn't believe in your innocence.

Terrell takes us through some interesting twists and turns, and I never suspected who the killer was until he/she was revealed. Along the way, we become attached to Jared and meet some other unique characters. Jared gets help from the victim's neighbor, and 80-year-old woman with intelligence and spunk. Jared lives with a gay friend who has aids, has an son with Down syndrome, a re-married ex-wife who is still very much in his life, and a teen nephew who appears to be into drugs and maybe more.

All of these characters come together to bring about a resolution for Jared. He's also a horse-lover, so that is an element of the story too.

There's a lot to the story in a few pages. It's a quick read that was hard for me to put down. The second Jared McKean Mystery, A Cup Full of Midnight, is due out in August, and I'l be anxious to get my hands on it. Jared is an interesting character involved in an exciting mystery. I won't hesitate to recommend this one.

Published by The Permanent Press, January 9, 2012
Copy obtained from LibraryThing Early Reviewers
264 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Wow, nice review. The book sounds like quite an intense ride. Someone went to a LOT of trouble to frame him.

  2. Great review. This is just right for one of my challenges. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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