Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Review: The Manufactured Identity, by Heath Sommer

The Manufactured Identity has a very unique and intriguing plot, but my impatience compelled me to skim.

It's one of those books where you just can't figure out what is going on. And I like those book. We are introduced to a lot of characters, but I didn't have trouble keeping track, so that isn't a complaint. Some of them are loosely related, and that helped.

The book isn't very long, but I just got really impatient for the "reveal." Not enough happens to these characters as we go along. I read over half the book, and a little past that, something happens that connects two of the character, and then I pretty much thought I had it figured out. Not all the details, but I had another 150 pages to read. So, I skimmed the rest of the book. I'm sure this is partly due to my reading "mood."

Like I said, I thought is was a great, unique plot. It's psychological and complex.  There's a lot going on. But I had trouble with the pace. And, the writing, at times was a bit overly descriptive and even a bit ostentatious. Here's a couple examples:

"The problem with all mysteries is that once a coincidence is established, probability sets its ugly face into yours and tries to undermine the veracity of the complex." p. 136

"She pulled out her sword and cut through the aggregated flaxen of her depression." p. 139

I read mostly young adult, so I'm not generally a literary reader. But I do enjoy some literary fiction. Some of this language was just a bit much for me. Others may think it colorful and entertaining.

This is part of a trilogy that I won, and I know Marce absolutely loves these books, so you should check out her thoughts too.

Published by Tate, 2009
Autographed copy won from Tea Time With Marce
308 pages

Rating: 2/5

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  1. Eeek, sorry you didn't enjoy it. I still LOVE the trilogy, this is one of my favourites, all the stories, characters and how they came together. Feeling like a fly on the wall during counseling sessions.

    Usually I don't like descriptions but I totally got these ones. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

  2. Ieek... too bad you didn't like it more. I guess I pass n this one mainly because being not a native english speaker I might have problems with the language you mentioned.

  3. Sometimes I ask myself why I don't skim more often. I want to know how the plot turns out but I don't want the torture of reading a slow book. I'd say you had valid skimming justification here.

  4. I am looking to buy an Autographed copy of any of his books.

  5. I am looking to buy an Autographed copy of any of his books.


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