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Book Review: Revived, by Cat Patrick @seecatwrite

Revived is a science fiction drama, with a captivating romance that makes it easy to keep turning the pages.

Daisy is part of a secret government study. When she was very young, she was in school bus accident where everyone was killed. But 21 children were brought back to life using an experimental drug called Revive.

What's more interesting about Daisy, is that she's died several times since, and been "Revived." Every time she is revived, they must relocate to a new place, and a take on new identity. Daisy is also unique because she is an orphan. So, after the bus accident, she was taken in by one of the Revive scientists, Mason. Her "mother," Cassie, is another member of the team who is a computer wizard.

Their new location is Omaha. Daisy has never been very interested in making friends, but Audrey latches on to her the first day, and Daisy makes her first real friend. And when Daisy discovers that the hottest boy in her class, Matt, is Audrey's brother, things get even better.

Revived started out a bit slow for me. I thought it was just going to be a formulaic science fiction, where the public discovers the big secret, or they find out the drug has horrible side effects, or something like that. But that's not what it is. I was pleasantly surprised by several unexpected plot developments. Revived becomes dramatic and heartfelt. There's a touching romance. I ended up caring about Daisy, as well as Audrey and Matt. Even Mason tugged a little at my heart.

And, there's a science fiction aspect that also adds to the intrigue. I didn't think the "sinister plot" alluded to in the blurb was really unique or even all that sinister. However, the ending did get my heart pounding a bit. Most of my problems with Revived are pretty nit-picky things about the whole scientific plot. Why would they be testing a drug for over ten years, and still not have it available to more people? Why did Daisy die so many times (how unlucky!) A possible explanation was given at the end, but still, kind of unlikely. Why would she open up to Matt so soon. I know she liked the guy, but she had kept this secret for so long, why make such a quick decision?

After about the first 100 pages I really forgot about all those qualms and Revived became an enjoyable read. I started to feel that I knew the characters, and I got caught up in their struggles. Revived is great balance of friendship, drama, romance, and tension. Very seldom does the same book make me choke up with tears, and then later get my heart pounding. I think teens will love Revived -- I'm not sure who will love  it more, the science fiction fans, or the romance/drama fans. I'll be happy to suggest it to both types of readers.

Published by Little, Brown, May 1, 2012
ARC obtained from the publisher for review
336 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I got this one from the publisher too and I look forward to reading it after reading your review. I was a bit worried and thought it would be another formulaic dystopian/sci fi, but I'm glad you didn't get that impression.

  2. That sounds awesome!!! This is the first review I read about this book and ever since I saw the cover I loved it!!! Did you read her previous book, Forgotten? Loved it!!!

    I definitely love the genre mix and I think I'm one of those that love both, so this is a definite must read for me!


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