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Book Review: Vixen, by Jillian Larkin

Vixen is a very entertaining historical fiction about society life in the 1920s.

Gloria is a rich, society girl engaged to be married to a proper, rich gentleman.

Clara is Gloria's cousin, who arrives from Pennsylvania to help plan the wedding.

Lorraine is Gloria's best friend.

These teens have big secrets they are keeping from each other. There's deception after deception, backstabbing, jealousy, and devious plots ending up in what can only be described as a hot mess for all of them.

The males in the story also add much color. Marcus is probably in love with Gloria, although they are more like brother and sister, and Lorraine is secretly head over heals for him. Sebastian is the fiancĂ©e, and he's a cad. Jerome is the forbidden love...especially since he's black.

The depiction of the 1920s was very interesting. Each of these girls are pushing the limits -- wanting more freedom to enjoy the flapper life with all the alcohol and gangsters that come along with it. It's prohibition, and proper girls don't cut their hair, drink alcohol, wear tight dresses with lots of make up, or visit speak-easies. Or do they?

Can you blame them? They are seventeen years old (sometimes I forgot they were that young) and they are being forced into engagements and boring, quiet lives where women are to be seen and not heard. It's not hard to imagine their wanting more from life.Oh, what a tangled and dangerous path they end up taking to get a taste of this unattainable life.

Larkin's pacing in Vixen is excellent. There is always something happening to one of these girls that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The multiple narrators work very well. I felt I got to know each of the girls very well via this technique. I learned some things about the roaring 20s, and really enjoyed being immersed in that time period. I had no idea that flappers wrapped their breasts to make them flat. I just thought it was the cut of the dresses that made them look that way -- but they worked for that flat-chested look!

Vixen ramped up the tension until the very end, where there was some resolution, but we're still left desperately wanting more. And thank goodness, I already have Ingenue, the next book. I also have an ARC of Diva, the third book in The Flappers series, so I'm hoping to read both of those soon.

Teen girls who love romantic adventure, even if they aren't into historical fiction, will love Vixen. This is a rollicking romp through a unique period in history as well. I thoroughly enjoyed Vixen, and will recommend it widely.

Published by Delacorte, 2011
Copy obtained from the library
421  pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I picked this book picked this book up a while ago because I love the 1920s and it still sits on my self unread. After reading your review I think I'm going to move it up my TBR pile.

    I love that there is a love tangle and a forbidden love. How scandalous.

    1. I waited too long to read this one too. I really enjoyed it, and it is VERY scandalous! Enjoy!

  2. This sounds so fun, like Lisa I love the 1920s, such an interesting time. Added it to my wishlist :)

  3. I really hope this one is better than Godbersen's "Bright Young Things", which was a total snooze. So much description and not enough plot. I don't think I'll pick up the rest of that series but this one does sound better. Think I'll get it a whirl.

    1. I must admit I was a bit disappointed in Godberson's, especially since The Luxe is one of my absolute favorites. There's much more going on in Vixen. I liked it better.


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