Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do I Have Anything to Discuss?

Recently I've been taking Saturdays off, as far as posting on this blog. I thought maybe Saturday would be a good day for a discussion post, at least when I have something to discuss.

I've been think a lot about what I call my "reading balance" lately. It seems I've gotten myself in a rut by reading only advanced review copies or books that have recently released. This is great fun for me -- having all kinds of books from NetGalley, Edelweiss, authors, and publicists to read in advance of publication.

But, I work in a library surrounded by hundreds of books I want to read someday. I have a couple of them checked out, just sitting here waiting. And, I have my own books that I've bought, or won, or been given. I have them because I want to read them. But I'm constantly tempted by what's new--what's just coming out.

So, how do you strike a balance? I have this handwritten list of all the ARCs I have, and the date they publish. I try to keep up, so I'm posting a review before or shortly after release date. I'm getting farther behind on the list -- and I'm seeing less and less gaps in the schedule where I can read something older.

It's starting to bug me. I need to do something, but I'm having trouble saying no. I've thought about just not viewing those Waiting on Wednesday posts, or the In My Mailbox meme. But that's no fun. I can't give that up. Plus I still get all those emails from publishers telling me what's coming out, so I'd still find out.

What do you do? How's your "reading balance?" Any suggestions for me?

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  1. I try switching between new released books and older books. It doesn't always work but I figure if I alternate I may have a chance of keeping up on the currently released book as well as reading some off my TBR pile.

  2. Oh yes Saturdays are awesome for discussions! Reviews on Saturdays are hardly read, but Discussions rock - why ever this is like this, I have no idea.

    About your topic. Oh girl, I sooo know what you are talking about and I feel the same!! The easiest way is don't request so many books in NetGalley/Edelweiss but that is a stupid adice I know book lovers like us cannot follow. At least I can't. I see a book I want to read, of course I request it.

    But it is also important to get some books read you want to read!! Just like today. I finished an ARC and thought about what to read next.... I wanted to read Lover Reborn since it came out but didn't had the time. Today I simply got it and started reading!!!
    If it's a book you REALLY want to read then, simply make the time! A review of an ARC can also be posted after the Release so don't loose your joy of reading and read a book you are dying to read when you want to!

    Oh and I sneak in released books as audiobooks as well! That makes is essentially easy to get some books read on the side of all the ARC's :)) Love my audible account hehe!

    1. I use audiobooks too. For older books and adult books. But I listen so slowly, I don't make much progress. There's a happy medium there somewhere...I just need to find it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have the same problem, I have 11 e-books to read for review because I struggle to say no, but I find it harder to read e-books so I put off reading them and have fallen massively behind.
    I also end up going out and buying or requesting books at the library of new releases, things I too have seen on meme's and I read them almost immediately. All the books I have on my shelves that are older never get read.
    I started trying to make a sort of schedule to follow. Weekends I will read an ebook for at least half an hour in the evening. and then for every 2 new books I read, I have to take one off my shelves that is older. I don't always stick to it but it sticks in my mind and is getting better.
    The only thing I really don't follow is the review books and I feel so guilty.I must get on with them.

    I tried audio books but my library doesn't have most of the ones I would listen to, and some series of books they will only have book 2, 4 and 6 for example so it's not really any use.

    1. Maybe I need to learn to read more than one book at a time. I like your approach, I'm just not sure it would work for me. I'll have to ponder this for a while....

  4. Right now I have no balance at all. I'm right now only reading ARC books and have about 5 going at once :O I know lol... I find that blogging really does take a lot of time and I think that it's because I don't really have a set routine happening yet.

    All this will have to change in May as I am back at University studying to become a Librarian actually :D I will need to have a schedule drawn up so that I can fit it all in.

    I think the best thing is to probably stick with two memes that probably has the biggest reach and benefit. For me that would be Top Ten Tuesday... It can hit about 300 Linky links a week and I tend to find a lot of new followers. The other would be Feature & Follow Friday for the same reason and also because the meme is actually about getting new followers.

    Sorry that was a big comment.

  5. This happened to me recently as well. I've handled this by prescheduling the books I accept for review. Then when I get and taking no more once that schedule is full. In the mean time, when I get ahead in my reading, I read books that I have on my bookshelf or books that just caught my eye for one reason or other. This works out that I get to read one of my own picks for every 3 review requests. It's a balance that works for me.

    1. Great thoughts -- my problem is "and taking no more once that schedule is full." I need to work on that....

  6. I haven't received any arcs, mostly because I don't seek them out, so I don't have that exact problem. But I do still know what you mean about being tempted to read the newer books as opposed to the ones that have been collecting dust. I try to get a lot of the newer books on audio so I can listen to them in my car, and then I try to make actual reading time for the books I've already spent money on.

  7. You can still review some of the older books you want to read. I'm continually surprised by the number of people who say 'I've never heard of that one, when I mention older books (and some are less than a year old at that). I work in 1 older book for about every 3 arcs or newer ones and it seems to work.


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