Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day 12

Followers? When I started blogging, I really didn't think I'd get ANY followers. Well, maybe a handful. That was never my goal, and still isn't. If you enjoy what I write (mostly book reviews) then feel free to follow, or just stop by occasionally. If you don't read YA, or would rather read author interviews, book spotlights, book tours, or lots of memes, then your probably won't enjoy my blog. And that's OK.

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. Having fun reading and writing about what I've read. Trying to get some ARCs. Participating in a few memes, and reading a lot of reviews on other blogs. I love the book blogging community, and I really appreciate what YOU all do. It makes me better at my job and provides a lot of entertainment. Thanks for joining me today! Make sure you visit Parajunkee, our host, and see all the other participating blogs.

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  1. Yay, just want I want to hear! Doing it for the fun of it. :)

    I bet you also like to party like me too. What you do is find a nice quiet room, a comfy chair, open a book, and start partying. Yeah...that's what I call a good time.

    (Sorry, I'm feeling a little goofy today...yup!)

  2. I love your stance. Very honest and bright :). I was so scared at first, I decided to play the follow-for-a-follow game...not for numbers, you know, just so that if someone visited me, they wouldn't think I was a total loser and not worth their time. Of course, I've earned real followers along the way, and I've learnt that the main key is probably to step out of one's box and reach out for other people without any second intentions. Besides providing good content...which I'm trying to do :).

  3. I think that's a great perspective. I think you should always blog because it is something you wanted to do, not because of a follower count.

  4. That's a great perspective to have towards blogging! It's so easy to get tied up with follower counts and stats!

    - Farhana @ Digesting the Words

  5. What a great attitude! We should blog for fun and not worry about stats so much. I've had fun these past two weeks, reading everyone's posts and finding so many great new blogs!

  6. I agree.. ... having fun is the way to go!! I try my best on my blog but if I am stressed and not really enjoying myself why I am I blogging???


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