Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Review: Gamble on Engagement, by Rachel Astor

If you are in the mood for a funny, light-hearted, quick romance, then Gamble on Engagement is the book for you. It is the second in a series, however, and while you could read it without reading the first, you really don't want to miss Bridesmaid Lotto, the first book.

Josie McMaster (otherwise know as McMaster the Disaster) is off to London to ghost write an autobiography for an unknown famous person. She won't find out who it is until she's actually on the plane. She ends up at a luxurious location in the English countryside with every amenity she could want. And even though she's never written a biography before, she has three months, so she figures it will be a cinch!

Suffice it to say Josie's London adventure is as action-packed and potentially disastrous as all of her adventures have been. She includes entries in her "Disaster Diary" to add to the fun. I love Josie's voice. She has no filter, and says pretty much anything she thinks. And never stops, which adds the humorous element.

Jake doesn't really appear in this book at all, except for a short visit and some phone calls, so we don't get much romantic heat. Gamble on Engagement is also very short, which is good and bad. Astor could have added a bit more depth and detail at the end. Things tie up quite abruptly. And the "insta-love" at the end (not Josie, but other characters) wins the prize for the quickest romance I've ever read!

However, I simply love the McMaster Disaster series for what it is -- a sappy, happy, fulfilling romance. These are inexpensive ebooks, and I'm ready to purchase the third one, The Wedding Wager. Have some fun! Check these out.

Published by Amazon Digital Services
Purchased eBook
157 pages (estimated) (qualifies for my Books You Can Read in a Day Challenge!)

Rating: 3.5/5

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