Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review: Hour Game, by David Baldacci

Hour Game grabs you right away and never lets go. It's a multi-faceted, twisting plot that doesn't fail to surprise.

As far as serial killers go, this one has collected two victims by page 15. Our private investigators, Michelle and Sean, end up getting deputized, since the small town is having so much trouble figuring out much of anything about these mysterious deaths. Yes, the killer seems to be mimicking famous serial killers, but some of the murders just don't fit.

Then there's the other part of Hour Game. Junior Deaver has been accused of stealing from the Battle family -- the town's richest, most influential citizens. Michelle and Sean have been asked to help Junior, who is adamant that he is innocent.

I never was able to figure out who the killer was in this one, and that's always a bonus. As the solution unfolds, there were some gasps on my part -- very clever plotting and disclosure of the resolution.

I did have a few minor problems. Baldacci introduces a lot of characters, and they were sometimes referred to by their first names, and sometimes their last. I finally just had to write down a list of characters to keep track. At times, I had difficulty telling who was speaking. Three people in the room exchanging dialog, and I got confused.

I know that Michelle and Sean are recurring characters, and I would be interested in reading some more of their adventures. I have Hour Game in my high school library; it is totally appropriate for teens (who can handle some violence.)

Published by Warner Books, 2004
Copy obtained from my library
403 pages (my first book for the Serial Killers Reading Challenge!)

Rating: 3/5

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  1. The use of first and last names interchangeably drives me crazy. Sounds intriguing though.

  2. that's how I felt too- sometimes he uses their first names, then their surnames...


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