Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF - Author Love: Dana Reinhardt

Ginger's question for the week is a difficult one.

Promote An Author: Is there a particular author you wish got more recognition? Pick one author & tell us why we should read their work.

I have so many authors I could talk about, but I'm going to pick Dana Reinhardt, because I don't hear nearly enough about her....

I think Dana Reinhardt is exceptional at capturing teen personalities, dialog, interactions, and just generally setting an authentic teen situation. If you are a YA contemporary fan, you don't want to miss her books!

The Things a Brother Knows (I've not read this one)

A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life (read before I started blogging)
Harmless (I've not read this one.)

Dana Reinhardt's Web Site

OK. You have what you need. No, go forth and read! And, let me know who you've featured this week, so I can add to my pile!!! Happy Weekend!

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  1. I almost read The Summer I learned to fly but for some reason, I did not get to it. Now I am wishing I had! I do love YA Contemp reads so I need to check her out! Thanks!

  2. I've never heard of this author so thank you for telling me more. I'll have to seek out one of her books!

  3. I have never heard of this author before, but her books look good, I've added her to my TBR list. Thanks :D


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