Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Memories: The Firm

Welcome to my meme, Monday Memories, where I feature favorite books we've loved from the past. You can link to an old review, or write something new about a beloved book from your past. Really, what's important is not the book, but why it is memorable to you. So, have fun reminiscing, and leave a comment below, so we can all enjoy your memories.

The Firm was John Grisham's first best seller. I really have enjoyed all of his books, but The Firm started it all many years ago. The Firm was published in 1991, and I read it around that time. Some people think, "legal thrillers = boring." But if you've never read any of Grisham's books, you can't really say that with any accuracy. He manages to write his legal stories like real thrillers. There are life and death situations. And, although there are court scenes, the bulk of the novel is not about the courtroom.

In the case of The Firm, we have a very talented, high-priced lawyer who has it made. He has a job with more perks than he ever imagined. But soon he learns that nothing comes without a price, and when the FBI begins to investigate his firm, our lawyer is stuck in the middle. It's an easy, fast-paced book that even teens can enjoy. Once you read one of Grisham's stories, you  will most likely have to find some more.

Have you ever read Grisham? Are there any other legal thriller authors that you recommend? I've read some Scott Turow and thought it was pretty good too.

Share one of your cherished book memories!

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  1. I have actually not read any John Grisham! But I bought his book The Rainmaker way back when the film version came out back in the 90's. I still have it to this day but I have yet to read it. I'm pretty sure that out of all my books on my tbr list, it wins the price of having been there the longest.

  2. I can honestly say I have never read a full John Grisham novel. I once picked up A Time To Kill because my English Teacher had it in her library but I couldn't get past the details of the little girls my 7th grader self put it down...I might have to pick it up again.


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