Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stacking the Shelves - A Nice Variety

It's been yet another good week, book-wise. Here's what I've added to my shelves/devices:

For Review:
Manicpixiedreamgirl by Tom Leveen from NetGalley

Rotten, by Michael Northrop from Cari's Book Blog
I've already read and reviewed the ARC from NetGalley, so this one gets donated to my library!

From the Library:
Every Day, by David Levithan

Room, by Emma Donoghue

Sweet Evil, by Wendy Higgins
I've always loved this cover and been interested in reading this. When it was a bargain ebook, I grabbed it!

Pretty excited about these. It's one of those weeks when I wish I was retired, or maybe if there were more than 24 hours in a day so I could read all of these soon! How about you? What hit your shelves this week? Make sure you visit Team Tynga's Reviews to see all the blogs participating this week.

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  1. Manicpixiedreamgirl sounds interesting! Happy reading :)

  2. What a great set of books. I am a fan of Tom Leveen's books, I liked Rotten, Room is fantastic, and I really want to read Every Day. Have a great weekend

  3. Great haul! I have been meaning to read Sweet Evil, but couldn't quite find the time, plus my to-read pile is massive! Hope you enjoy your reads! :D

    Stacking the Shelves
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  4. You are going to love Sweet Evil! And you're reading it just in time for book #2! :D

    My Stacking the Shelves

  5. Great haul! I just bought Sweet Evil, too. I've heard great things about it.
    My Stacking the Shelves

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  7. I LOVED Every Day and Room. Some people don't have a great reaction to Room since it's such an unpleasant topic. I'm intrigued by Rotten and wondering how it fits into YA, just based on the cover.

    Love the cheap e-books! Thanks for visiting.
    Stephanie (Go Flash Go) @ Read, Rinse, Repeat

  8. Dude, I wish for more time in the day every single day. I bought Sweet Evil this week, too! And I'm interested to see what you think of ManicPixieDreamGirl and Rotton. They both look really good, but not what I normally read.

    Steph at The Fake Steph Dot Com.

  9. Super haul, I heard Sweet Evil's good, and have seen ManicPixieDreamGirl popping up all week. Every Day is on my wishlist and I know Room is supposed to be good, but haven't worked up to reading it yet.


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