Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DNF Book Review: Wicked Games by Sean Olin

I really had trouble connecting with the characters in Wicked Games, and I found the plot to be superficial and predictable.

I read almost half the book. Lilah and Carter have been going out for their entire high school careers. They are the couple everyone knows and everyone assumes will always be together. What people don't know is that things aren't perfect in this relationship -- far from it. Lilah suffers from depression (and it seems like manic/depression) and she's pretty nuts. So Carter can't imagine breaking up with her because he doesn't know what that will do to her.

He cheats on Lilah at a party with Jules, who he really falls for. But he can't leave Lilah. Lilah finds out that something is going on, and her revenge plot is just getting started at about the half way point of the book -- where I quit.

Wicked Games is written in third person, and while this usually doesn't bother me, in this book I felt this perspective really put distance between the reader and the characters. It's told from all three main character's perspectives -- but in the third person. I think I would have benefited from dual, first-person perspectives.

I thought the dialog felt forced, especially when Carter was with his friends. I spend my days with high school boys, and the silly banter of these teen boys just felt forced or stilted.

I didn't like the plot. Even though I don't know what eventually happened, I don't care, because out of the few scenarios that I can come up with I'm not really exited about any of them.

And when you don't care, you stop reading. Or at least I do...

Teens may enjoy this one. The cheating/revenge plot is not that uncommon, and many teen girls seem to gravitate toward these books. I know this was written for teens, so I understand that my perspective may not be accurate for the intended audience.

Published by Katherine Tegen Books, June 10, 2014
eARC obtained from Edelweiss
169/352 pages

Rating: DNF

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