Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Commenting - Let's Kick it up a Notch!

I've been thinking about commenting, since I posted What if I Disagree? Several people mentioned "starting a dialog," so I got to thinking, how do you do that when commenting?

Then I saw this great Commenting post last week at Parajunkee's, and I decided to add a little bit to the discussion. Go ahead--go read it.....


I've started to click the "subscribe to comments" links sometimes when I comment. Not usually if I'm just commenting on a meme or something, but if I make a meaningful comment about a book review, the only way to get a dialog back and forth, is to subscribe to comments, right? I've enjoyed some of the threads. I've even been able to comment back on another's comment.

But the downside is, now not only do I have 150 Google reader posts to read every day, I have 50 extra emails to read. So how do you handle that? Also, sometime the "subscribe to post comments" link hasn't worked.

I really enjoy discussing books. I enjoy commenting on other's reviews and posts. I like to know if they comment back or if others make meaningful comments related to mine, or start other threads of the conversation. It just seems a bit cumbersome to use the email method, but I don't know of any other way.

What commenting system is best for this? I know there's Intense Debate, and I've seen others. Let me know which one you use and why. I'm still just using the default Blogger comment form, and I'm open to suggestions.

Do you "subscribe to comments" often? Do you find it meaningful to do so?

Thanks, in advance, for your comments!

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  1. I don't tend to subscribe to comments because I end up with too many replies, I only really want the reply from the person who owns the blog I've commented on, so if I want a reply, I tend to bookmark the page and revisit it the next day, I find this quicker and easier.

  2. I don't subscribe unless I think it's going to turn into an extended discussion. Not every post or review merits one! It's a problem for me, because I come across so many reviews that just say "This book was great", and I can't really comment on that in depth.

  3. I used to subscribe to comments, but I just don't have the time to keep with all the emails. I do, however, like it when someone replies to one of my comments. So, it's a catch 22. I really like Disqus. But, with my current theme, it doesn't work very well. I'm hoping to remedy that soon.

    But, I agree it's hard to manage our time so we can read everything going on in the Book Blogger world.

    If you find a good solution, let us know, so we can follow suit!

  4. I want a great commenting system also Annette. I am considering luvspot?? but I need a good one to work with blogger like you.

    I tried the email subscription with 3 blogs and that is truly driving me crazy already,eeek, not working.

  5. Eesh, I have never subscribed to comments. And I rarely go back to see what people said about my comment (which is totally lame). I do what barmybex does and just go back to check if I make a particularly intelligent comment that I think will get a response. I guess I'm not up to scratch on the discussion-y comments.

  6. I have always wondered the best way to go about starting up a dialog with other bloggers. Like barmybex and Melissa, I will occasionally go back and check to see if anybody has responded to my comment. But that isn't really a great system and I don't often have time to go back over old posts.

    I'm very interested to hear what other bloggers use to make this aspect of blogging easier :)

  7. I don't subscribe to comments, but I do leave a lot of comments around the blogosphere. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I respond back right under it, whether they read it or not, so the next person coming along can see the dialogue. I check back often on my "blogroll buddies" because I tend to leave the most comments there, and I can easily link back to see what's up. I do subscribe to some email subscriptions--yes I know, lots of emails...Rae
    p.s. if someone finds a good way to have interesting debates/discussions here, please let me know :)

  8. I don't tend to subscribe to comments although I do reply to them on my own blog. I wonder if lots of people are replying to my comments on their blog and I'm not even seeing it?

    Anyway, I comment as a sign of appreciation to the blogger. I only subscribe usually if it's a discussion post, rather than a review or meme.

  9. WordPress has a really good subscription service for blogs and comments. Blogs is very easy to maintain and I rarely go through it and make changes. With comments, I'll go through it when it gets to be too much and unsubscribe. If WordPress is not an option than I'm very selective about which discussions I'd like to follow up with.

  10. You know I'm still trying to figure this out and I haven't been able to. With me I have hard enough time tracking the comments on my blog - like take right now - I have over 20 contests that all require a comment, but nothing really to respond to, then to add tracking outside comments also. Gah. I can barely manage my inbox. Anyone know of a good email organization skill to pick up?? LOL

  11. I rarely subscribe to comments. It's not that I don't want to participate in a discussion about books (I really, really do) but with all the blogs I subscribe to, I just don't have time to read and comment on those, too. Sad but true.

  12. I don't subscribe to comments because of the clogging the inbox issue.

    I never remember to back and check up on the comments.

    If a LINK could be sent to my email as a reminder, say, with the title of the post and an option to click the link - that would be cool, because it's just ONE email, it's a reminder, and I can choose to go back to the post and read it or not.

    I know that solution has a hole - WHEN would the reminder link get sent out? When one comment has been made? When 10 comments have been made? 24 hours later? A week later?

    Hmm... I hope someone figures it out! :)

  13. I never sub to comments, too overwhelming. But I do move good discussions to twitter, both from my blog and from others. I find that the most effective.

  14. I don't subscribe to comments. I just return back to the blog once or twice to check in. Usually I'm looking for a reply from the blogger. If I don't get one by the time I check back in, I move on. If I get one from the blogger or another commenter, I reply or jump back into the discussion.

    I can't take any more emails and I can't check back too often. It just gets so busy.

  15. By the time I get around to commenting on most blogs, the discussion is often over already. Life just has a nasty habit of getting in the way with my blogging/commenting. I keep promising myself I comment more - maybe if I quit my job! I guess I'll just keep trying. Good discussion Annette.

  16. I've rarely done it in the past, but just this week I've been subscribing to posts. I'm really trying to comment more, and to leave real comments instead of the usual "Great post!" because I want to be a bigger part of our online community. Because it's just been a week I haven't yet been overwhelmed by the emails, but I do feel overwhelmed if I miss a day of reading my Google Reader as I follow so many blogs. I really have been trying to make a point to post on blogs with little to no comments too, since I feel their pain at times.

  17. No. I don't subscribe to comments. Like you said, how do you manage that? I read a few blogs loyally, like yours, and try to make comments that mean something. If I disagree, I try to raise a question that won't offend.

  18. I've tried subscribing to posts, but like you, it overflowed my inbox. I use my Google Calendar sometimes to remind me to go back to specific blogs that I'd like to check in on for comments, giveaways, memes etc, so that I can be sent a reminder. I love comments that disagree with my POV, I do not get offended but take it as an opportunity to open a discussion.


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