Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Been Looking Forward to THIS Friday!

Big weekend for my fam. My niece is getting married, both my kids are in the wedding. Son is coming home from college for the weekend. It has been a long time in the planning stage, and I'm ready!!!

So...let's talk about some bloggy Friday Fun!

This week's question from Ginger at GReads!

Book Disappointments: Have you ever come across a book you were so stoked to read, but it failed miserably in your eyes?

Interesting question, especially in light of a discussion post over at YA Bibliophile.... she posted about how she really doesn't do negative reviews, because that's not what her blog is about. Which I totally support. Go read it. She says it much better than I can.....OK, back? Well, my response was that usually (although there have been a couple of exceptions) if I don't like a book I don't finish it, and I don't write about it. So...the book that immediately comes to mind is .... (please don't hate me, I really like her other books) Finnikin of the Rock, by Melina Marchetta. I just could not get into that book. I think I gave it about 80 pages -- to confusing, and just ..... couldn't......

The hard part is, sometimes you read such great things about a book, and you WANT to like it. You feel defective if you don't. So I tell myself, some day I'll try this again. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. But...really...with a TBR the size of mine, is that very likely? If I'm honest I have to say, I think not. So, for those Marchetta fans, please forgive me. I really loved Jellicoe Road!

This week Parajunkee and Alison are asking:

What imaginary book would you like to make a reality?

URgghhhh....having a bit of trouble with this one.....hhmmmm...thinking, thinking......It seems like this question requires a "fantasy" answer. But some of my favorite books are not fantasy. So, if my favorite books are "reality" then, I can't use one of those. I guess the default answer is Harry Potter, although there are some elements of that story that I would not want to be a reality. But Hogwarts would be GREAT! I also like the idea of space travel, so something like Across the Universe or even Ender's Game would be fun, but again, I don't want the danger that goes along with them. I'm a scaredy cat! I'm just going to stop typing now, because this is a lame answer....

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your weekend -- I'm planning on a SPECTACULAR one. And, by the way, tomorrow is also my blogoversary, so there will be a special post about that. I'll try to visit you, but it might be after the weekend before I can get there.....

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  1. Harry Potter seems to be the fall-back answer!

    Hope you have a great weekend with your family.

    New follower!


  2. Congrats to your neice!

    I think I would love Harry Potter to be real, but only in a Post-Voldemort world.

  3. I agree with Jac, I'd love a Post-Voldemort Harry Potter world. Happy friday! :)
    Amy's Follow Friday

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, hope you have an awesome time at the wedding!

  5. I'm still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts! :D

    Happy Blogoversary for tomorrow. Congrats.

  6. Congratulations on your niece's wedding! I hope everything is just beautiful! Have a good weekend!

  7. Wow, busy weekend! Have fun!

    I've read some of the best and worst books in the past couple of months, all pretty big books that I was looking forward to. I do hate book disappointments. :(

  8. I'd like to see the world from Bewitching Season and Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle. A Victorian setting with magic - sounds like fun. [As long as I was at least middle class ;)]

    Have a marvellous weekend Annette and enjoy the wedding.


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