Friday, December 7, 2012

Follow Friday - Pick a Character, Any Character

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week, and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

Here's this week's FF question:

Q: Activity! Who do you want to be? If you could choose any character from a book. What do you think that character looks like and what do you have in common?

This is kind of a hard one. I can think of a few, but I'm going to pick something maybe some would consider "off the wall."  I think I would like to be Tempe Brennan, from the books by Kathy Reichs. She's a forensic anthropologist -- a doctor that looks at dead remains, sometimes LONG dead, and figures out what happens. The TV series Bones is based on this character. But the character in the books is much different. Older, and not so socially inept (although she is somewhat stunted socially.) I've always thought it would be cool to be a doctor, and she's so clever and smart and I'd love to be like her.

Like I said, she's older in the books, so I don't picture myself as Emily Deschanel, but older and more sophisticated. What do we have in common? Well, I'm pretty determined, and somewhat intelligent. I like mysteries, and trying to figure them out. Other than that -- probably not much!

How about you? Leave me your link! And, be sure to go visit our hosts, Alison and Parajunkee, and check out some other participating blogs. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. interesting pick! i don't know if i could deal with the bodies she inspects trying to figure out the mystery!

    Trish - My FF

  2. That's a great pick! I haven't read the books, but I have watched the TV show a little, and I do like her a lot.

    I'm a new linky follower.

    Here's my FF post

  3. Good choice. I loved the first four years of Bones, but haven't had a chance to see any more of it. Would be interesting to pick up the first book in series and see how they compare.
    My FF and Giveaway
    New Follower on GFC

  4. I don't watch the show, but have heard it's a very good one! :)

    New Follower: Marissa @ For The Love Of Film And Novels

  5. Wonderful choice Annette. I think her life would be very interesting.

  6. Hi, from a new follower! :)

    That's an interesting choice, although she does get herself into some hair-raising situations at times!

  7. Interesting answer, certainly different. Not sure I could stomach looking at dead people/remains for a living. I am seriously squeamish. eugh!
    Like your reasons though. :D Have a great weekend

  8. Hopping through. I haven't read anything by Kathy Reichs, but my dad really likes her. He read Virals a few weeks ago and loved it.
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