Monday, October 19, 2015

The Other Side of Life -- Exciting Things! (Not Reading)

Originally, I blogged about reading and all my other hobbies (mostly sewing and cooking.) My posts got to be so sporadic that I quit posting to that blog, deciding I would use my book blog to post occasionally about other things going on in my life.  I still like my old blog header, so I use it for these posts. Feel free to skip this one if you are only in it for the books.

I haven't posted anything to this blog for almost a week. That's unheard of. I'm quite sure that has never happened before -- even when on vacation, I usually have posts prepared ahead. Turns out I'm not reading as much lately. And if I'm not reading, I'm not posting. I have some good reasons though.

First, there's my delightful little granddaughter, who is now almost eight weeks old. I try to see her as much as I can, and am spending time making things for her, like a Halloween costume!

Second, we are building a new house! It's going fine, but I find that there are so many decisions to make that even if I have time to read, my mind isn't willing. I spend countless hours on the internet looking at pictures, getting ideas, and making decisions. Thank you Pinterest!

I have been reading. Just at a slower pace. I'm reading a really good book now, and next up is Queen of Shadows, so I think that will keep me interested!

Thanks for stopping by. Someday soon I should be posting a book review...

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  1. What a darling granddaughter! And congrats on a new house (to come)! Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping cheer me up today!

  2. Your granddaughter is precious!! Congrats on the house! We built a little under two years ago and it was the biggest event ever in my entire life! I hope your build goes smooth and you love all your decisions!

  3. I have been so bad about visiting blogs for the past 6 months or so; I have guilt about it! Your granddaughter is delightful and you must have so much fun spending time with her. We did a massive remodel/build about 6 years ago so I sympathize with your house building. It is so much fun, but so much work. I remember a few days where I just didn't want to make any decisions about color, height, style, etc :-)


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