Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Another Piece of My Heart, by Jane Green @JaneGreen

Another Piece of My Heart confronts several aspects of family drama -- step parenting, rebellious teens, infertility, adoption -- in a heartwarming, realistic, if somewhat predictable way.

Andi and Ethan have finally found their soul mates in each other -- however, Ethan came with two teen age children and an ex-wife. Andi, at 37 years old, tries very hard to be the perfect step mom, and for the youngest, Sophia, everything is working. But for Emily, nothing does. She's got her father wrapped around her finger; he always comes to her rescue, and Andi is seriously considering giving up the man of her dreams because she can't deal with his child.

Andi has always wanted to have her own children, but the onset of  early menopause has made this dream very unlikely, and adds more stress to the relationship.

Emily is hanging out with a different crowd, drinking, smoking pot, and presumably having sex. When Emily turns up pregnant, well, you can imagine the complications.

I really enjoyed some of the minor characters. Ethan's ex, Brooke, who is an alcoholic, adds another element of complication. The gay neighbors and Andi's girlfriend Deanna are interesting enough to be memorable. The plot never lags. The description above only scratches the surface (over half of Another Piece of My Heart occurs after the baby is born.)

I would never hesitate to read a Jane Green novel. She writes with such authenticity -- her characters ring true and really make you want to reach out to them. Another Piece of My Heart is a "happy ending" book, which always spells predictability, but who cares? I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience.

Although Another Piece of My Heart is an adult book, there's nothing to keep teens from enjoying this novel, which does focus on a teen who becomes pregnant and works hard to turn her life around.

Published by St. Martin's Press, March 13, 2012
Copy won from Jennifer at Crazy-For-Books
386 pages

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. I like Jane Green but I can't read her books to close to one another. I think it's that predictability/happy ending thing you mention. haha. I do like Bookends though! That's one of my favorites.

    I can see myself checking this out in the future. Always like reading some adult fic reviews!

  2. This is a much more serious piece than I realized. Thank you for your review.


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