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Book Review: Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White @kierstenwhite

As its title implies, Paranormalcy is the epitome of paranormal stories.

Evie has the ability to see through all the different paranormal creatures' glamours, so she makes the perfect trapper. An orphan, many years ago she was taken in by the International Paranormal Containment Agency, and even though she considers herself a normal teen, she really is far from it.

Several strange things happen.  A never-before-seen paranormal breaks into the IPCA and after Evie contains him, she begins a relationship with him. He's one of very few teens Evie has ever had the chance to get close to, and she's strangely attracted to him.

Paranormals are dying. The IPCA "contains" paranormals, so they can't hurt humans. They don't kill paranormals. But something is killing them, and killing a lot of them. When the IPCA headquarters is attacked, Evie and Lend (her paranormal friend) escape to Lend's home, where they find out more about what is going on and begin a dangerous adventure.

There's really a lot to the plot, and I don't want to tell you everything. The fairies in Paranormalcy are unique, and add much interest (and confusion) to each situation. I enjoyed the large number of different creatures introduced -- not only vampires and werewolves, but mermaids, hags, banshees, and water people. The variety added much to this intriguing world.

Evie is a great protagonist. She's not what I would call "kick-ass," but she's practical, and does her job in a professional manner. She doesn't take anything from any paranormal. She's witty, and I enjoyed her conversations as she gets to know and become attached to Lend. She also has a more weak and whiney side, but it's not overdone.

The plot of Paranormalcy is steady, and it's easy to get lost in this world. White is so creative; I'm really impressed with how perfectly she created this world and how I was able to just get lost in it. Sometimes I feel paranormals can be a bit much, but even though there were very strange things going on, I never felt that urge to "roll my eyes" during Paranormalcy.

Overall, Paranormalcy is engaging and entertaining. Any teen who enjoys any type of paranormal stories would love this one (and I know many of them already have!)

Published by HarperTeen, 2010
Copy obtained from the library
335 pages

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Happy to see you picked this one up and that you are now ready to read the full series with the last one coming out soon! I love this series so much! It's so freaking funny and awesome and I*m happy to see you liked it :)

  2. This is one of my favorite Paranormal series. I just love Evie and I think it's clean enough to buddy-read with my *almost* 11 year old daughter. She loved it even more than I did! I have to say that I didn't love Supernaturally quite as much as I did this book, but Endlessly is still one of my top anticipated books for summer! Great review!

    Karis @ YA Litwit


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