Sunday, June 17, 2012

Do I Have Anything to Discuss? iPads and Blogging

I went on vacation last week and didn't take my computer -- I only took my iPad. This was great for flying on an airplane -- light and easy. But, this was a "relaxing" vacation for me, which meant I wanted to read and blog a lot -- since that's what I do for relaxation (while laying on the beach or by the pool, of course...)

I love my iPad and wouldn't trade it for anything. I don't even have a keyboard, and I don't mind typing on the screen. It works fine for me and I'm used to it. What I have a problem with is not being able to comment easily on your blogs.

Here's the problem. First of all, I used Reeder for my blog reader on my iPad. First question: should I be using something else? Any of you have a better suggestion? Because Reeder sometimes locks up when I try to comment. This happens whether I comment directly in Reeder or open the page in Safari. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to really be annoying. It lets me type in a comment, but then I can't change it. So, if I see a typo, I either have to back out and start all over, or I have to post the comment with a typo. *cringes*

Insert apology: This was happening during Armchair BEA, when I was on the commenting committee. So, some of you who are new to my blog, you must think I'm really careless, because I left a lot of those typos. Sometimes I even replied to my own comment and apologized for the typo!

I'm pretty particular about my spelling and grammar. I know I make some mistakes, but I hope they are few and far between. Bear with me while I figure this out. Sometimes I have just decided not to comment because of these difficulties, and I hate to do that -- because I know how much I love comments, and want to leave comments for you too.

Any suggestions? Have you had these problems? Is there a better reader I should try? Or is it just an iPad glitch (since it happens in Safari too?)

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  1. I use News Rack and haven't had a problem. In fact, that's what I'm reading/commenting in right now! I think it was $4.99, but in my mind, it's been worth it. It's also on my iPhone, and I occasionally check things there, though commenting isn't as easy on that. Still possible, though!

  2. I have not been able to buy ipad: D, hopefully the problem is quickly resolved, I hope you can give me comment :D

  3. I don't know if this will help you are not on the iPad but when I am commenting on my iPhone I have the same problem, but I discovered that if I hit "done" on the keyboard and then tap where I want to start backspacing from and then fix it, hit "done" again and retap at the end to keep typing what you want to say.

    Hopefully this helps.

    1. Can't wait to try that. Thanks for the tip. Hope it works!

  4. Annette, I only use the iPad at times but I haven't figured out a easy way yet. It took me forever to even realise I had to use 2 fingers to scroll, lol

    Good luck

  5. I use Reeder on my Mac and also thereI do no like how to comment... Little things like I have to go up, to open the post and then go down again to post. I do not hav it on my iPad. I use G-Whizz on my iPad. It basically has all the Google Functions including the Google Reader, there commenting works fine for me.

  6. This issue is so tough. I haven't tried to comment from Reader, but that's what I will be using on vacation in July so I'd love to see the feedback you get.

    Also, what app do you use to blog? I haven't really found one that I love yet

    1. I've use Blogsy, but usually I only do minor updates or tweaking on my iPad. Most posts I still do on my laptop -- at least the biggest part of them.


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