Friday, December 16, 2011

The 12 Books of Christmas -- Book #9

I've been counting down my 12 favorite books of 2011, and  today we are ready for #9. To clarify, these are book I READ in 2011; they weren't necessarily published in 2011. I have rated 18 books so far this year with a perfect 5 out of 5 hats. So my top twelve books were a bit difficult to determine. Book # 9 is:

Forgotten, by Cat Patrick

Click on the title to read my entire review. I described this book as "unputdownable." I loved it because Patrick took a totally unbelievable premise (a girl who forgets everything every night when she falls asleep) and made it believable. And then she added one of the sweetest, romantic boys that just melted my heart. A quote from my review:

There are surprises in store, which keep you on your toes. The ending is not perfect but satisfying. This is a book for young adults, but there’s no reason this book doesn’t have adult appeal. The romantic elements are so heartwarming, and I just felt so deeply moved by what London had to live with day after day.

So try this one if you like a sweet romance, or a teen with a twisted existence. Or both!

Feel free to link up your favorite books in the comments, if you want. Tune in tomorrow for number 8!

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