Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review: Allegiant, by Veronica Roth

While I loved the revelations and the "world" of Allegiant, I found myself really bored during much of the book.

Tris and Tobias end up going beyond the city to find out what is there. What they find is not all they had hoped for. It appears there isn't anyplace free from strife. We are introduced to some new characters in the outside world that are just as warped as the faction leaders. They visit "the fringe" which basically are the slums full of people who the government doesn't care about. I won't get into the different classes in the outside world, but they are as crazy as the factions and the factionless.

Tris and Tobias and their friends are of course stunned at what is really going on in their city. It's hard for them to grasp what the outside world has created and why. But yet, they jump right in and start fighting for what they believe is right with some dire consequences.

I love this scenario and the explanation of the factions and why they exist. I love the fact that the people who are running the experiments are so misguided themselves. I think the world that Roth has created is unique and very creative.

The reason I was bored is because it just seemed like different groups kept rebelling, and they would get through one battle and figure out more about what is going on which would lead to another battle. And, the solutions always just seemed too easy. I never got a real sense of danger until the end of Allegiant. They do end up  figuring out a plan to truly make the world a better place, and the execution of this plan at the end of the book is awesome. But, the 400 pages before that just kind of went in circles. There was a lot of planning and fighting, and the advancement of the plot was slow. Probably because there was all this relationship stuff going on too.

I did like Tris and Tobias' relationship much better in Allegiant. Their "honesty" policy helped a lot. In Insurgent, I was very frustrated with their lack of communication and honesty. I'm glad things got better with them, and I enjoyed the progression of their romance. I've seen many reviews that complain about the alternating POVs being confusing because Tris and Tobias sound so much the same, and I agree. At times I couldn't remember which "I" was talking.

I'm OK with the ending. Gutsy. It had been spoiled, so I knew it was coming.  Pare down the middle of the book by about 100 pages, and this would have been a 5 hat review. Anyone who has read the first two books (Divergent and Insurgent) should definitely finish the series. Allegiant is worth it.

Published by Katherine Tegen Books, October 22, 2013
Copy obtained from the library
526 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Yes, my thoughts exactly! Allegiant could have been a novella and had the same impact, if not an even bigger one. Allegiant and Insurgent mostly mold into the same book for me, up until the last 100 pages.


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