Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge #13 - My Fictional Friends

You may think I'm crazy, but oh well.....I probably am.  Sometimes when I read a book I love a character so much that I think, "You know, if he/she were a real person I could really be friends with him/her." Some authors just have a knack for writing lovable characters. So, think about some of the characters you have gotten to know over your years of reading. Who would be your best friend (or at least a friend of some kind) if he/she were real?
I've seen this one on a lot of responses, but hey, I think I agree:  Hermione from Harry Potter.  Who wouldn't want her as a friend?
Andi, from Revolution. Yea, she had a lot of drama, but I think she'd be a good friend.
Flavia de Luce, from Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. She's only eleven, but I can't stop laughing at her, and she's so smart -- I want to be her friend.
Skeeter Phelan, from The Help. What an amazing, courageous woman.
I'm sure there are others.  I noted that most of these "friends" are from adult books.  I just don't see myself as friends with YA teens, or paranormal heroines.  I love those books, but I guess I feel too old to fit in with that crowd!


  1. I would love to be friends with Hermione Granger. We're a lot alike-- heck, we even look alike. She's my fictional twin. :)

  2. Hermione and I would be great friends - maybe a little competitively so, but it would be fun!

  3. If I was eleven years old it would totally be awesome to be friends with Flavia de Luce. I would be like her little sidekick that would fetch all her chemistry supplies when she is working on new experiments and stuff. I wouldn't understand anything she was doing but it would still be awesome!


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