Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Second Half of Life, by Sionna Cailey

I was really surprised by this novel, because looking at the cover, I would never have suspected this book is about three women in their 30s who begin to practice witchcraft! As is often the case, I didn’t read a summary, I just dug right in.
I enjoyed the story.  It was interesting and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  I really didn’t think the characters were believable, though.  Three women, Diana, Kathy, and Aiden, are bored with their small-town existence.  First they try a reading circle, then they try yoga.  When those things don’t work out they decide to try …….. witchcraft?  I don’t think there was enough character development or back story – something was missing.  I just didn’t believe it.
Some of the rituals involving the coven were hard for me to understand – I couldn’t really picture what was happening, and I found it confusing.
The plot was lighthearted and fun, once you suspend your disbelief.  I think the witchcraft portion may have been well-researched, but I’m not sure.  It seemed like “witchy” stuff to me.  The message is classic:  “Be Careful What You Wish For . . .” and the ending was well-resolved and satisfying.
In summary, it was an interesting plot.  I just wished for better characters and a little more clarity in certain parts of the book.
By the way, here's an alternate cover I found -- I think it's the UK cover.  I think it is more appropriate.

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