Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday -- Where do YOU like to read?

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this fun event!  Check out their site for the other participants!

I love to read, and I have lots of places I love to read.  I’d pretty much read anywhere, but I do have some “favorite” places . . .
1.  On my couch.  Even if I’m watching TV, I have a book or magazine to read during commercials!
2.  In bed.  I always read for a while, and sometimes a long while, before I go to sleep.  Usually my dog is curled at my feet.
3.  When we go camping in nice weather (not today!!!) I like to sit outside in my lounge chair and read.
4.  We go to Kentucky Lake every year with my family and all of us (well, at least the females) sit on the beach and read.  Since I’m the librarian in the family, I bring plenty of books for everyone!
5.  In my car – audiobooks, of course.  I’d much rather listen to a book than the radio.
6.  On my Kindle – this isn’t a “place,” but the Kindle allows me to stand in the checkout line and read, or any place that I’m waiting.  I could bring a book, but the Kindle is more convenient.
7.  In the library (at work) if I ever get the chance …
 Where's your favorite reading hang out?

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  1. Great places! I love audiobooks. I can listen to books in more places than I can read a printed book.

  2. Great list! I read during commercials too! And sometimes I get carried away, so I end up reading right through the show!

  3. I really need to get into audiobooks. They just seem so expensive, but I forget I can get them at the library! The perfect way to do a long drive. Nice list!

  4. Oh, yes, the LIBRARY. Never forget the library. I don't even have them in my library, but I LOVE inter-library loan!

  5. I would love to sit at the beach and read! Reading outside in good weather is wonderful.

  6. I too read during commercials! Never waste any time :)

  7. I do the same thing with watching tv! I'm always reading during commercials or during boring parts. I love reading on the coach while my bf watches sports. I mean, I love sports but I just don't sit there glued to the tv. I read and look up if something exciting happens!


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