Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Day 10 - Book Gifts!

Yesterday was Christmas - the day when most people exchange a few gifts. Being book lovers like we are it stands to reason that we either received books or gave books for Christmas. In this activity I want you to tell us what books (or book related materials) you received or gave this holiday season. If they were books you gave to others - tell us who they were for.
I gave my husband a book -- actually Mollie, our dog, gave it to him:

And one of my FAVORITE gifts of all:

Since I have a new Kindle, this will be a lot of fun to use!  Better than actual books, at this point.

What did YOU get?  Check out for more posts about book gifts!


  1. I got the K3 for Christmas. I've already got a K2 but I needed the internation one since we are moving to Japan, so I am thrilled withe the K3. I also got a $25 Amazon Gift Card from my Mother & one from my husband too!! So I will be using those for book of course!

  2. I love that you mentioned your dog giving your husband a gift at Christmas because my dog Riley, gave everyone in my family gifts this year too!
    Let's see, I gave my friend Ame a collection of Jane Austen's letters.
    I received a low carb cookbook from my little sister and my friend Kate got me a gift card for Amazon that I used to pre-order the new Maeve Binchy book Minding Frankie coming out this spring and Binchy's book on writing called the Writers Club.


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